Future energy supplies for the needs of most counties in the 3,000+ counties of the fifty states of the U.S. will increasingly come from natural sources within the boundaries of the county instead of fossil fuels from Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, Nigeria or Iraq. As difficult as this transition to a local energy supply may be, it will likely be the cheapest and most reliable choice for future energy supply.

This web-site helps residents, businesses and other organizations in individual counties to make this local county energy choice sooner rather than later.


Individual and organizational energy decisions and energy policy are properly made on a county-by-county basis since fundamental new energy action will be increasingly local. This means that most of the many emerging energy choices will made within the independent county political structures already in place.   


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"Since the beginning of time nature has been supplying us with energy in quantities so astronomical that we could never, no matter how advanced our technology, begin to tap and use it  all.  It is ironic that even with the abundance of energy all  around us we find this commodity in such short supply today.   But actually, it is not energy that we lack, it is the know-how  to tap more of it.  Until now we’ve learned how to produce an appreciable amount of energy from only one source: fossil fuels.  And, as we all know, these are dwindling rapidly. 

Fortunately, we are finally realizing that there are other huge resources of energy aside from coal, gas and oil.  At last, we are taking a long, hard look at sources that nature makes  available to us every day - wind and water power, organic matter like wood and farm wastes, and of course, the largest  source of all, the sun."

Carol Hupping Stoner


Renewable natural or “green” energy resources in sun, wind, biomass and water are all land-based energy supplies that are found - to a greater or lesser degree - on the land of all counties. County records show the character and ownership of all land within county borders.

Consider the vast supply of natural energy within the boundaries of your home county. Largely untapped, this local supply has been there all along. There is no lack of local natural energy just lack of access to the local energy.

Natural-living author Stoner wrote the above words in 1975, over thirty-five years ago. Serious effort to get working on tapping these abundant, county-based, local energy supplies is overdue.

The 21st century will be a time of transition from a global energy supply to a county energy supply